WinDealist adware

WinDealist is an adware program displaying tons of annoying content. These are popup ads displayed when visiting a lot of commercial web-sites like Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, etc. These ads are displayed when you move your mouse towards some items being sold, and then you will see “See Similar” button popping up. Soon WinDealist window appears […]

How to remove Windows 8 Security System virus

Windows 8 Security System is a new fresh rogue that has been designed and finally released by the end of summer of 2012. However, this malware may attack any computer, not necessarily the one with Windows 8 installed. Other Windows versions may also suffer from its aggression. Nevertheless, right now it doesn’t yet spread as […]

United States Cyber Security virus – how to unlock infected PC

Recently a new ransomware program has been successfully developed and launched into the realms of the world wide web. This malicious application is spread in the form of a special Trojan known as Reveton that locks the entire desktop, without giving the option to users to do anything else on their PCs unless they pay […]

FunMoods hijacker

FunMoods is a toolbar that is installed to a browser together with other programs. Usually it goes with certain video grabber software, PDF creators or programs that are distributed for free. After the program is installed FunMoods toolbar replaces default search provider to his own. It states that the change was made to display entertaining […]

FBI virus – a hoax trying to trick you

The Federal Bureau Investigation has locked your computer because of the Copyright and Related Rights Law violation? Don‘t rush to spend your money paying the fine. This is not a true alert. It is FBI virus that got inside your computer through security vulnerabilities. This malware blocks user’s computer stating that there was illegally used […]

Windows Maintenance Guard rogue removal tools

Windows Maintenance Guard is a scareware that is enrobed in the garments of some legitimate security tool. Whereas this is nothing but the next outrageous forgery prepared by hackers to be launched into the world wide web for the specific purpose of ripping users off. Regretfully, there have been some who in despair decided to […]

Windows Antivirus Rampart uninstall instructions

The best way to remove Windows Antivirus Rampart is to do it automatically by referring to the aid of some powerful antimalware tool. Of course, there’s a chance of deleting this junkware manually, but there are very many files and registry entries of this rogue, thus making the uninstall procedures of the malware quite time-consuming. […]

Windows Ultimate Security Patch. How to uninstall

Windows Ultimate Security Patch is a program that is not meant to render security for your system. So, do not let the malware trick you into performing its misleading instructions. Like many other similar rogues of FakeVimes virus family, this one is brought into your PC without warning or your permission.