Arrow ransomware targets your files

Arrow crypto-malware is not a completely new infection. It is considered as another version of Dharma ransomware which has been active since 2016. Arrow virus is not a unique or sophisticated ransomware, but it has been bothering users, and many victims have required assistance from cyber security researchers. Victims usually state that their files have […]

What is pop-up?

Pop-ups from sub-domains of should not be mistaken for legitimate notifications. In fact, security researchers have described it as a deceptive pop-up, offering malware-laden content. If you are seeing this pop-up during browsing, you should wonder whether your computer is not infected with an adware parasite. According to specialists, the infection is taking […]

XMRig Miner Trojan

You might have heard of a new threat called a crypto-miner. These infections are very easy to distribute; therefore, hackers are becoming more involved in these scams. XMRig Miner Trojan is one of the threats that will utilize your computer resources and generate Monero crypto-currency. These malware threats are more evasive than ever and some […]

Babylon Toolbar: is it reliable?

We all know how annoying browser hijackers can be. They invade your browser by using deceptive means of distribution, they change your browsers’ settings, add sponsored links in results to search queries and initiate redirection to unknown websites on a daily basis. However, these features should not only cause you a headache, but also fear. […]

Was Pokki program installed without your permission?

It has been years after Pokki potentially unwanted program was detected by security researchers. The scandal began after people from all over the world started complaining about their brand new computers. Reports suggested that Pokki was pre-installed into computers by manufacturers, and that this was done without permission or consent from users. Of course, if […] virus is an annoying browser hijacker

There are thousands of browser hijackers to avoid. However, there are several developers, responsible for the majority of the most successful hijackware parasites. For instance, developers of virus have created numerous other hijackers which have also managed to gain some success around the Web. In the case of infection, it is the most […]