How to remove Windows 8 Security System virus

Windows 8 Security System is a new fresh rogue that has been designed and finally released by the end of summer of 2012. However, this malware may attack any computer, not necessarily the one with Windows 8 installed. Other Windows versions may also suffer from its aggression. Nevertheless, right now it doesn’t yet spread as active as other malwares. Still, this doesn’t mean that such tendency will remain, and the chances are that this hoax will become more severe and aggressive with time. So, its removal is a challenge for many security companies, sites and blogs.

According to the information we know, this malware is quite difficult to remove, compared to other rogues that are active today. This is because it is specially protected by certain rootkit that makes it really difficult to get rid of this malicious utility.

Again, the rogue acts like many other similar malwares. It displays various fake alerts to scare users about the fate of their computer. Users are reported of various bogus and unreal infections, whereas the only threat so far is Windows 8 Security System rogue itself. This is the program that must be removed. In order to get rid of this scam from your system please follow this removal guide –

And here is the good video guide that will explain to you how this malware removal actually works:

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