MySearch infection: an intrusive browser hijacker

Users could be infected with browser hijackers and have no clue about it. If you want to step up your game and be aware of malware parasites that managed break through your defenses, you are ought to pay attention to the most important features of browsing. First of all, hijackers are known to initiate one very evident modification: they replace your default search providers with an unknown search engine. In a case of, you will notice this website as your new tab page and home page.

In the website, it is stated that this search platform is designed and controlled by APN, LLC company. However, due to significant similarities between this and notorious MyWay products, researchers have another theory. It is possible that MySearch virus is actually a creation of Mindspark Interactive, and they are using a different company name to avoid recognition. If this is true, MySearch is created by ill-famous developers that have created a number of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). virus

Currently, the virus is the most active in Brazil, Indonesia, India, Thailand and Vietnam. However, people from other countries might notice that this unknown search engine has occupied their browsers’ preferences. Why does this sudden modification occur? Well, it is because that users unknowingly, or voluntarily download one of the browser extensions that set MySearch as a default search. If this happens, please take a look at the active browser plugins. You are bound to notice a toolbar, related to APN company.

Another annoying symptom of virus is the unwanted redirection to suspicious websites and online advertisements. While your browser is influenced by a malicious parasite, you will notice that a disturbing amount of adverts are being displayed on your screen. Some of them could be related to free coupons or other online services. Additionally, you could also be exposed to deceptive ads that urge you to download browser add-ons or suspicious desktop programs. Malvertising is a huge issue on the web. Therefore, you should not keep any unknown tools are can introduce you to malware-laden content or phishing scams.

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