WinDealist adware

WinDealist is an adware program displaying tons of annoying content. These are popup ads displayed when visiting a lot of commercial web-sites like Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, etc. These ads are displayed when you move your mouse towards some items being sold, and then you will see “See Similar” button popping up. Soon WinDealist window appears with several proposal for you to buy.

In spite of the fact that WinDealist might offer some deals, still this is adware which slows your browser greatly. So, you must not tolerate it. This is the program which must be removed immediately from your computer.

WinDealist typically gets installed together with many other free programs which users download online. They’re bundled with many additional programs which are considered as potentially unwanted ones. So, be careful when you install anything for free. If you can’t get rid of WinDealist you may follow this guide.

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