System message – Write Fault Error

System message – Write Fault Error is the notification that can be received by some PC users nowadays. There are chances that this message could be the true one being originated by Windows operating system and implying certain real problems with your computer. In this case it means that something is really wrong with your […]

System Error. Hard disk failure detected

System Error. Hard disk failure detected message most probably means that your computer is infected with fake hard drive defragmenter (virus). We used the phrase “most probably” because this is the exact title of the fake security warning that tends to appear just before fake HDD virus first comes up in front of user’s desktop. […]

Windows Stability Maximizer & Windows Processes Accelerator malware twins

Windows Stability Maximizer (same as Windows Processes Accelerator) is not the application that is installed to your computer like all the rest. This program doesn’t care whether you would like to see it on your computer or not. It ignores your personal preferences and still attacks the system by forcedly installing itself when you don’t […]

Windows Shielding Utility removal tool

The very fact of Windows Shielding Utility badware’s unauthorized installation onto your system is the evidence of a serious gap in the security of your system. This means that you need to reconsider your already installed AV software and probably switch to another anti-spyware application that would be more powerful to resist the attacks of […]

How to get rid of Windows First-Class Protector malware

If your system has become the target of Windows First-Class Protector then surely you have grounds to be worried about your security level. It is not a pleasant undertaking to known that your PC has caught malware so easily, in spite of the fact that you had reliable anti-virus software already. Well, in such cases […]

How to uninstall Windows Defending Center virus program?

The issue of removal of Windows Defending Center is quite a logical and correct decision on your part. Regretfully, some users have already become the victims of this scareware. The program represents itself as some powerful anti-malware cleaner, but after carrying out thorough analysis of this software we discovered that it is a serious virus […]