Desk 365 Adware – how to avoid popups

Desk 365 is an adware program that infiltrates into computers bundled with free programs from the Internet. The program was developed by 337 Technology Limited few months ago. It claims to be a tool that will help you managing your programs, desktop shortcuts and provide you easier access to the applications you are using the most.
Desk 365 adware is often installed with 22find browser hijacker which is also known as a nasty application. Together these programs cause many of changes in your browser. For example, it replaces your homepage with and also alters your default search provider. As a result your search results will include many sponsored links that Desk 365 is responsible to promote, you will be frequently redirected to unknown websites, receive numerous ads, etc.
In addition, the program can track your browsing activity and even send it to the third parties which later can use it for malicious purposes. After finding out certain information about your browsing habits, it can later display various targeted ads on your system which is an efficient way to promote things but very annoying for you.
You should always be very careful about your installations and try to avoid any unwanted programs reaching your system. As you see this can lead to many unpleasant activity on your system. If your browser has already been affected, remove Desk 365 from your system as soon as you detect it on your computer. You can find full removal instructions on

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