Incredibar – How to Remove It?

incredibarIncredibar is a browser add-on that depending on its version allows watching youtube videos, checking weather reports, accessing your music from everywhere, and playing games. It can be added to any of Internet browsers, e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome. The toolbar itself is free of charge. The company Perion that owes it earns money from the traffic generated to the site it promotes

After Incredibar is installed, together with the functions listed in its official web page you will get one that might not wish to have that much. Your previous home page and search engine will be replaced with Basically you get forced to use it because changing it from browser settings will not do the trick. Moreover, additional web pages might be added to your bookmark list. On low memory conditions Incredibar has been noticed to slow a computer down.

Although some might download this toolbar from Perion official web page due to the functionality it offers, many times this is not the case. As noted earlier, money come from the increase in search tool users and advertisements displayed there, therefore it is not surprising that various tricks are used to gain customers. One of them is sending spam e-mails with advertisements. Once you click on them, Incredibar will be added to your Internet browser. Another method used is distributing it with various fake Codecs or similar freeware. These applications get paid for every new install. Alas it is a legal way of distributing similar adware. After a victim chooses to install software automatically, she usually does not notice checkbox marked by default informing that additional tools will be added.

If you did not choose to install Incredibar or you want to remove it after using for a while, you might find it difficult to do it. A simple removal from Control Panel is often not enough. It might be that you will not find the program listed there since many adware is known to hide itself from removal. Even after deleting some of the files, unwanted changes like redirecting to stay. The quickest and simplest way to remove Incredibar is by using special automatic tools like Spyhunter. The latter is known to be effective with many other adware as well. If you choose to use some other software, check beforehand if it is capable of detecting and removing this type of infection. Some do not recognize adware as malicious or even if categorize it as one, do not remove it completely.

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