Why Certified Toolbar Virus should be Removed

certified-toolbar-virusCertified Toolbar Virus is a browser hijacker that redirects any of search inquiries to search.certified-toolbar.com. It can be added to all of the most popular internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. As soon as it is installed the toolbar changes infected computer‘s home page and search page to the one it promotes. Although the toolbar itself is free of charge, the company behind it earns money from the users redirected to search.certified-toolbar.com. The latter site shows search results mixed with advertised links therefore when you click on the address displayed you never know if it was given to you because it matches your search criteria or it just need to be promoted.

Certified Toolbar Virus can get inside computer together with shareware or freeware bundles. It might come either by pre-selecting confirm buttons or without any additional user choice. Some of Certified toolbar versions use Blekko search engine and get paid for every user redirected. An infected computer‘s user will have to face many pop-up advertisements until the toolbar is removed. Moreover, Certified toolbar virus is programmed to record user‘s Internet browsing habits and collect such personal information like credit card information, login and passwords. This data can be provided to third parties. One of the purposes it will be used is for targeted advertisements.

It is strongly recommended to remove Certified toolbar virus as soon as its activity is noticed. Note that not all of antivirus tools detect this type of thread and some do not remove all of its related files. Use only reputable tools that are known to be effective for removing of Certified toolbar virus. It might be that together with it other infections were infiltrated into your computer system therefore run a full system scan in order to get rid of all threads.

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