Vista Security 2013 – Cyber Scam Used to Swindle Money

Vista-Security-2013Vista Security 2013 is not related to any legitimate antimalware software even thought the title of it sounds valid and the graphic user interface looks professional. It is a rogue antivirus that belongs to Braviax family. As many other fake antimalware, it is distributed using Trojan horses. Except for the new title and a bit different design, otherwise Vista Security 2013 shares the same features as many other this type of scams.

After a fake antivirus gets inside a system, it makes changes in order to be launched whenever a computer is turned on. First signs of Vista Security 2013 activity are imitation of a full system scan. It is started without any of computer user’s interference which is characteristic to fake antivirus tools. As a rule of thumb it detects lots of infections. Cyber criminals use various psychological techniques to convince the victim that her computer is badly damaged. Constant pop-up warnings interrupt anything you do with your PC. For the money to be tricked out, you are asked to purchase a full version of Vista Security 2013. It is supposed to clean your computer from any infections.

It is not surprising that unaware computer users pay for the promised cure of their computer problems. If they never had to deal with similar scam before, they do not know that the messages and warnings they see are made up. Moreover, the only infection – Vista Security 2013 – has not been detected by the antivirus they have on their computer because it is blocked.

The only way to remove Vista Security 2013 is to use reputable antivirus software and special instructions that come with it. To avoid similar attacks, check if your computer applications are up to date, do not open attachments from suspicious e-mails or click on unfamiliar links. If you already paid for the full version of Vista Security 2013, contact your bank and try to cancel the payment.

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