Windows – Delayed Write Failed scareware

The message titled as ‘Windows – Delayed Write Failed’ is a scareware technique that was specifically prepared by cyber fraudsters for the purpose of making users think their system is in danger. This misleading scam appears just before the GUI of fake HDD tool first comes up in front of desktop of the infected computer. It is peculiar that this message pops up at least 20 times, possibly even more. Once user shuts it down or clicks “Cancel”, “Try again” or “Continue” he/she will face the interface of fake hard drive defragmenter (system optimizer) software. We can name System Check as the latest example of such malwares. There are many other similar scary programs, the list will be quite large if we start to name all examples of these virus applications. So, if you see such a message on your screen you should definitely realize it is originated by malware program that tries to enter your PC. It is not a legitimate Windows OS warning, no matter what version of Windows you have. The scary notice says this:

Windows Delayed Write Failed
Failed to save all the components for the file \\System\\00003456. The file is corrupted or unreadable. This error may be caused by a PC hardware problem.

Soon after this notice the window of the main virus program comes up, which is the cause of real system problems. In particular, the computer’s desktop becomes totally empty (black or blank), without icons, shortcuts, programs in the Start menu, Quick Launch items, etc. You will not see any files or folders on your computer except for those having to do with fake HDD software. If this is the case with your PC, please ignore such notification. Do not consider it as serious. Instead, please follow this removal guide that will help you delete fake HDD program and restore your files that were hidden by it.

Fake system error screenshot:

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