Why you shouldn‘t believe PC Defender Plus alerts

PC Defender Plus is a name for fake or rogue antivirus. It shares the same features as all of this type malwares. Graphical user interface (GUI) is designed to make an impression of legitimate software. As soon as a code gets inside a machine, it imitates a computer scan after which a list of system errors is presented. To solve the problems found one is asked to purchase a full version of the program.

After seeing any activity of antivirus like PC Defender Plus you should think of several points before taking any further actions. First of all answer to yourself if this program has been installed by you or anyone responsible for your computer security. Fake antivirus is installed without a computer user’s consent. It also initiates a system scan without asking for a permission to start the command. This is not characteristic to legitimate programs. Second, check if you are asked to pay money for every fix of malwares supposedly found. This is how rogue antivirus, like PC Defender Plus, earns money for the cyber criminals. Do not give out your credit card information as it might be used for further crimes. If you have deeper knowledge of computers, you may also check some of the threats listed by this fake antivirus. Usually the files will be of no actual harm or they will not even exist on your computer.

There is no doubt, PC Defender Plus alerts are worth nothing and you should not pay attention to them. Yet your computer has at least one threat which is fake antivirus itself. You should remove PC Defender Plus at once because it will not only annoy you with constant scans and popup alerts but might also infect your computer with more viruses.

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