Have you fallen for ILivid „Download now“?

If one opens ilivid.com webpage, she sees a message: „iLivid Download Manager gives you the fastest and easiest way to download videos for free.” Many of us use this application and are happy with it. Alas, there are computer users that complain about iLivid calling it a Virus, a browser hijacker or a redirect virus. All of these names have the reason for being applied to.

If you have ILivid virus and not the original toolbar, it came to your computer without you consciously initiating its installation. In many cases an infected computer user does not know about its existence before the virus starts its activity. First of all certain changes will be made to your search and home page to redirect you to iLivid.com. You might also notice that your bookmark list is altered by adding web pages you never intended of visiting. Another inconvenience caused by this virus is a slowdown of computer processes. If you try to uninstall the program, you will find it almost impossible to do. If it is a virus, it will either have an incomplete uninstall wizard or will not have it at all.

There is no doubt one should remove ILivid virus as soon as noticed it in a computer. This is recommended to do not only because of visible virus activities such as constant redirections and pop-up advertisements which irritate while working with PC. One should be concerned with privacy issues. ILivid virus is known to monitor an infected computer user’s Internet browsing habits and send gathered information to third parties. Data can be used for displaying a targeted marketing content.

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