System Doctor 2014 Virus- How to Remove the Infection?

System-Doctor-2014System Doctor 2014 Virus is yet another rogue antivirus that aims to swidle your money away from you. As many similar programs, it immitates a work of a legitimate antivirus. To make it even more realistic cyber criminals draw a professionally looking interface, programmed the virus to cause various system errors such as blocking applications and access to Internet, not talking about popup warnings, the text of which is similar to this:

Warning! Infected file detected!
Location: File system
File name: chrome.exe
Level of threat: 4
Behavior description: Destroys and infects system files
To keep the computer safe, the threat must be blocked
Recommendation: You are using a limited version of System Doctor 2014. Please activate System Doctor 2014 to resist all virus threats efficiently.

System Doctor 2014 Virus is usually distributed using Trojans. After it is injected into the system, the program makes changes for it to be launched every time a computer is turned on. It immitates a PC scan, supposedly finds infections and informs about them a computer user. As a solution to the problem it offers a full version of System Doctor 2014 to be bought. This is how cyber criminals get money and credit card information. If you already made a payment, contact your credit card bank as soon as possible in order to protect your financial information and dispute the charges made.

There is no need to tell that paying for the complete version will not fix your computer. You may wonder how to remove System Doctor 2014 Virus if your antivirus is blocked and you can not download anything from Internet. Please read System Doctor 2014 Virus removal instructions and watch a video before taking your computer to a technician. You may fix PC yourself by following the steps available and using reliable antimalware removal tools.

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