Hijacker hijacker is an unwanted application responsible for redirections to its promoted website as well as displaying of advertisements while browsing the Internet. Although it is possible to download application from its official website, usually computer users do not know how these redirections started and what caused them. One of the most common ways of getting hijacker installed to your computer is by adding it bundled with freeware or shareware.

Besides the obvious inconveniences caused by this application such as replacement of your home page, default search engine and new tab page with its own, also alters your search results. Instead of relevant links you get advertised ones mixed in the top results making you click on them and this way generate money for the search engine developers. Another issue related to having this unwanted application is breach of your privacy when your Internet browsing habits are recorded and later sold to third parties or used for marketing campaigns.

Those that want to get rid of hijacker should know that it is not a virus therefore will not be detected by many antimalware tools. For more information about this browser hijacker’s removal please visit In order to avoid similar infections in the future always select custom installation when adding any free application. Read carefully installation wizard steps and remove checkboxes for any unfamiliar applications to be added by default.

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