Malicious advertising networks

Nowadays you can’t browse the Internet without seeing various advertisements around every website. Even if you use some software blocking advertisements (such as AdBlock), advertisers still find new ways to display sponsored content and monetise their content this way.

Usually it’s completely OK because you get a content you want to see in return for going through all those advertisements. Unfortunately, advertisements sometimes can be malicious and dangerous and the problem is it’s really difficult to tell whether the advertisement is malicious or legitimate.

malicious advertising network

There are 3 main scenarios for this happening:

1) Website you are visiting is involved in some kind of unreliable advertising network to make more money;

2) Your computer and web browsers are infected with adware infection;

3) Your computer and web browsers are infected with browser hijackers.

In first case there is not much you can do, except avoiding such as website and protecting your computer with anti-malware software. Now, if you are seeing additional advertisements due to the reasons no. 2 and 3, you can solve this problem rather simply.

Usually malware like browser hijackers and adware are operating as browser extensions and gets added to your web browsers. As a consequence, you will be seeing various advertisements and experiencing random redirects that shouldn’t be there. Malware such as Liveadexchanger aims to infect computers, build some web traffic and then push various advertisements from their sponsors. Usually they get paid for every single click on those ads, so they try to force users into doing that. Users from all around the world are vulnerable, as viruses like Liveadexhanger is adapted to Spanish or any other language.

The most complicated part of eliminating virus like this is identifying that your computer is infected with on. Some users can not notice additional advertisements and thus problem would be left unnoticed. For that reason every decent computer user should have anti-malware software installed. Most of AM programs will provide you with real-time protection so malware like adware or browser hijackers won’t sneak into your computer. Only regular scans and clean up of the system can assure that your computer is free of viruses and you can safely browse the Internet.

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