Taboola serves malicious ads in website

Online advertising companies have also been observed as not 100% secure services as frequently, their content distributed fake news, click-bait articles or malware-laden adverts. The popular and extremely profitable Taboola ad-network has obtained a rather cozy position in the digital world, but some security researchers are still regarding its content as questionable. Within the last […]

Should you try a DNS service? No!

While it might be devastating to be unable to access certain websites due to geo-restrictions, this is not an excuse to start using services that are clearly rogue. Many of them have received labels of “adware” or simply “malware”. TV show fanatics might be incredibly tempted to view content, published on official Pandora, Netflix or […]

Free-trials from hell charge credit cards without permission

You have probably been introduced to nicely-promoted online services that required solid amounts of payments to become their clients. The steep prices presumably are bound to push some potential customers away, but clever specialists of marketing have come up with a solution for this problem: free samples. Free trials could be seen as investments in […]

Alarming features of virus

There are thousands of uncontrollable browser hijackers that developers set loose. Barely any reach true success, and simply disappear into oblivion. Nevertheless, some browser hijackers manage to get ahead of others and begin to be identified as one of the most aggressive parasites around. virus might not be the supreme of all browser hijackers, […]

Coupons, coupons everywhere: are you infected with an adware parasite?

It might be very tempting to enjoy services for lower prices than usually. Coupons from various type of ad-serving applications are known to provide discounts and to help people save money. However, this official objective is not always transparent and reliable. In most cases when third-parties generate software, delivering promotional content, they tend to go […] virus: how long will it continue to be active?

A limited number of browser hijackers can survive and thrive for longer than a few years. In most cases, their distribution slowly dies out or their extensions are removed from stores and file-sharing websites. infection is a 5-year-old threat that circulates around people from United States of America. People from other countries are affected […]