Free-trials from hell charge credit cards without permission

You have probably been introduced to nicely-promoted online services that required solid amounts of payments to become their clients. The steep prices presumably are bound to push some potential customers away, but clever specialists of marketing have come up with a solution for this problem: free samples.

Free trials could be seen as investments in the future profit, hoping that people will sign up for full memberships. In this case, vicious people have found a way around.

Muvflix scam

After reviewing a service of Muvflix, we had to choice but to come to a conclusion that it is one of the expensive scams. Of course, clueless and naive users are the ones to pay their price. Like any other free-trial scam, this movie-provider has a neat official website that might fool users.

However, more attentive users shall dig a little deeper. The free trial is 5-days long, meaning that during this time, users should not be required to make any payments. The first red-flag is that during the registration for a free trial, Muvflix scam requires their banking account information.

Very quickly after signing up for this deceptive service, users might notice some disturbing activity in their banking accounts. Sums of 52 dollars are the most optimal to be taken away from victims of Muvflix victims, but bigger losses have also been reported. The main issue with these charges is that people are not required to provide permissions for these transactions. Money out of users’ accounts flies straight into controllers of this scam. To make matters worse, some people indicate that even after they cancelled their free-trials and hoped to have nothing to do with Muvflix hoax, money continued to be billed.

If you happen to be introduced to pop-ups, promoting this specific video-streaming service, we hope you will instantly look away. If you are one of the victims, seeking help from the wise sources of the Internet, we cannot help you get back your money. However, we do recommend that people who have suffered from Muvflix scam would contact their bank-service providers and order them to prevent any charges to be done by Muvflix. We have read a few testimonials that deceived people were planning to go as far as to sue the service.

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