Should you try a DNS service? No!

While it might be devastating to be unable to access certain websites due to geo-restrictions, this is not an excuse to start using services that are clearly rogue. Many of them have received labels of “adware” or simply “malware”. TV show fanatics might be incredibly tempted to view content, published on official Pandora, Netflix or Hulu services. Nevertheless, do not start using Counterflix as your salvation.

Geo-restrictions are applied for a reason and it would be unjust to violate these rules. However, there is a variety of third-party programs that scrape of users’ actual IP addresses and replace them with the ones that would actually pass through the geo-wall.

Counterflix spywarerid

By downloading these tools, you are probably not sure what to expect. How about constant and deceptive online advertisements? Banners, pop-ups and pop-unders and constantly open and jeopardize your safety. If this occurs, then you are most definitely infected with an adware.

Changing DNS setting to specific servers are very easy. In case of Counterflix, it also does not take a lot of time. However, users’ cybersecurity should come before entertainment. In addition to disruptive flow of online promotional content, users might also become victims of illegal tracking.

Adware infections frequently insert cookies into hard drives and violate users’ privacy. In some cases, users names, email addresses, telephone numbers come into possession of hackers. Do not believe in applications that aim to provide high-quality services but are free of charge. This means that their revenue must come rom other sources, presumably pay-per-click schemes.

Other symptoms of adware parasites include: more sluggish operating systems, installations of unknown programs and additional disturbing features. Please do not believe the promises that DNS services are so passionately making. They are only trying to trick you into changing DNS settings to their servers. Furthermore, you will also receive additional program in your Control Panel.

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