Bundling: can Uncheckit really help people avoid potentially unwanted programs?

We are sure that you have installed programs into your operating system at least once in your life. Once Setup Wizards are in full action, people tend to quickly pass all of the steps and never pay attention to EULA or Privacy Policies even though these documents are extremely important. In this time of need, developers often can think of ways of helping people and assisting them.

Therefore, programs like Uncheckit had started to circulate around the web and imply their advantages. This tool proclaimed to automatically uncheck boxes that enumerate lists of recommended software applications. However, little did some people know that Uncheckit itself was going to be classified among adware infections.

Unchekit spywarerid

Currently, in October of 2017, the activity of this application has been fully concluded. It has been removed from multiple file-sharing websites for being indicated as malicious/potentially unwanted. Attention to this deceptive tool was drawn after security forums started to fill up with reports from confused users. They all claimed that Uncheckit arrived into operating systems without authorization.

However, even though this tool no longer has an official distributor, it still could be that vicious developers include it into installations of other software tools. Therefore, it could be best to refuse Uncheckit adware if it appears among the recommended software applications. Why? Well, the tool was noticed to act as a regular ad-based tool. This means that users reported increased numbers of advertisements. The fact that most of the adverts contained deceptive information was also not a helpful factor for the owners of this tool.

If you wish to protect your operating system from malware or potentially unwanted programs, we have a few recommendations. Be patient and read Eula documents, together with Privacy Policies. They can include some enlightening information about the tools you are about to prepare for usage. In addition to this, avoid installing programs from unknown or little-known sources. Third-party software tools can often be promoted in distributors that pay little attention to the quality of promoted tools.

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