Is Error: 0x8007042C real or fake?

0x8007042C error

All Windows OS users are used to various errors – from simple missing file error to the notorious blue screen of death, we have seen it all. However, you should keep in mind that those errors not always are real and you should keep an eye on it – following instructions provided by fake error report might lead you to terrible consequences.

Unfortunately, things are not that easy when it comes to recognising whether the error message is real or it is just an attempt to scam you. Cyber criminals take advantage of it and make this as confusing as possible.

This leads us to the main question of this post – is  Error: 0x8007042C on Windows operating system legitimate warning message or it is just a scam?

Never trust error messages on web browsers

The answer to the message is above is both yes and no – it all depends on where you noticed the error message. As it is suggested by official [ref name=”Microsoft support page” url=””], it is a valid error code that you can get due to some troubles trying to launch a firewall. So if you experience this error while trying to launch a firewall, the message is completely legitimate and you can rely on it.

However, there is other possible case – as described by cyber security researchers at, “Error: 0x8007042C” is a tech scam. This tech scam appears while you are browsing the Internet and offers you to call a specific phone number to solve the problem.

As you can see, hackers are exploiting possibilities to use actual error messages codes to trick users and force them to perform some kind of action.

How one should know whether the error code is legitimate or just a scam? Golden rule is to never trust error messages that appears on websites. You should know that websites can’t examine your computer and report about errors found on it, therefore those messages are clearly fake. Moreover, you should avoid any error messages suggesting you to call numbers or install software that is not originally from Microsoft or other well-known and reliable source. Most of the time they are just trying to rip you off by selling some assistance or software that you do not really need.

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