How to Remove PUP.DataMngr

search-imesh-net-redirectPUP.DataMngr is the name by which Search Results Toolbar is detected by most of antivirus programs. While the add-on itself offers such functionalities as quick access your preferred social networks, eBay, YouTube, and many other applications by adding shortcuts to your Internet browser it also causes redirections to unwanted websites. Such Internet pages like,,, are being promoted by the company behind the browser extension. Due to automatic Home page, Search engine and New Tab changes to the web pages that a computer user does not actually want to have, many want to get rid of the PUP.DataMngr.

Although it is very easy to get the toolbar installed and many times one does not even have any idea how she got these redirections, removal is a complicated one, especially if you choose to do it manually. Adware like the latter is programmed to hide itself from being removed because every user gained means more money for the company. Dollars are earned for displaying advertisements that might be even mixed among your search results without any chance to distinguish between the two types. Very often more than one unwanted application might be installed therefore it is always recommended to use special antivirus software that can remove Search Results Toolbar and any other browser hijackers automatically.

To avoid being infected with potentially unwanted programs in the future one should install any software, especially freeware and shareware very carefully. PUP.DataMngr is known to be distributed bundled with iMesh and iLivid. Read carefully all the text during installation process and take off check boxes that inform about adding additional applications.

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