Windows Stability Maximizer & Windows Processes Accelerator malware twins

Windows Stability Maximizer (same as Windows Processes Accelerator) is not the application that is installed to your computer like all the rest. This program doesn’t care whether you would like to see it on your computer or not. It ignores your personal preferences and still attacks the system by forcedly installing itself when you don’t even realize its infiltration takes place. Then, being successfully implanted into your system, it doesn’t loiter to start implementing its covetous plans and plots predestined for it by its developers.

The rogue may be the cause of the problems listed below:

  • Disabling Task Manager to terminate rogue’s malicious process.
  • Blocking startups of legitimate security applications and their downloads.
  • Causing possible browser redirect problems.
  • Reporting fake security threats.
  • Prompting users into paying for the licensed version (so-termed ultimate protection).

Windows Stability Maximizer first initiates the scary but fake scanning of your system. It is interesting that it lasts in general no longer than a few seconds, so it is obviously not possible for any legitimate program to discover threats at the lapse of such a relatively short period of time. But still, the hoax says your PC is infected. Such data you get from this scam must not be treated by you as serious. The malware simply tries to make you scared and then, gaining success, makes you purchase its licensed code (fake ultimate protection). This is, of course, nothing but the waste of funds. You should never consider buying such a useless anti-spyware utility, in spite of its nice name selected by hackers that developed it. As you see, the very name actually means nothing, since the inner part of this badware is full of evil plots.

Hurry up to delete Windows Stability Maximizer from your computer to prevent further malware attacks, because this scam may bring other, more severe threats to your PC if you fail to delete it on time. You may use this guide to find out how to remove it successfully.

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