Windows Health Keeper scam. How to fix

Is your PC infected with Windows Health Keeper? Well, first thing you should understand is that this hoax cannot improve the “health” of your system. It can never become the healing doctor that can cure all computer diseases. Instead, this program is the cause of many infections.

Windows Health Keeper comes to your PC like all other rogue security programs. Its installation takes place in a hidden manner when you don’t realize the malware is being brought to your system. The rogue then modifies your system in order to launch itself automatically on your computer each time you turn it on. The next step would be in the form of bogus scans of your computer and numerous reports about infected status of your PC. Speaking about scanning, the hoax actually “completes” it within about 2-3 seconds or so. Do you really think it is possible to detect vulnerabilities within such a short period of time? Surely, there is something wrong with this tool, whereas its promises and self-appraisals are not supported by real facts.

The removal of Windows Health Keeper is possible and even recommended by first rebooting the PC into safe mode with networking. At this step you may refer to the removal instructions as described in this post about similar malware removal. Then, once the malicious program is deleted, it is recommended that you scan your PC once again with legitimate security application reviewed in the above-mentioned removal guide.

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