Windows Component Protector rogue (uninstall instructions)

It has become quite typical for the malwares of the latest period of time to change their names once a day. So, meet Windows Component Protector – a new name in the huge family of similar rogue anti-spyware tools. Surely, you must be warned of this scam lest you put your trust into it. This is the goal of the scam – to persuade you in its supposedly decent intentions and later on to convince you to effect the payment for its useless and helpless license. So, be careful if you see this malicious application in front of your computer. If you aren’t aware of this hoax the chances are that you will fall into the trickery prepared by the online fraudsters. So, keep reading the story on this fake anti-virus program and the ways it can be deleted from your infected system.

The rogue may be the cause of the problems listed below:

  • Disabling Task Manager to terminate rogue’s malicious process.
  • Blocking startups of legitimate security applications and their downloads.
  • Causing possible browser redirect problems.
  • Reporting fake security threats.
  • Prompting users into paying for the licensed version (so-termed ultimate protection).

The rogue known as Windows Component Protector seems to have no barriers while entering your PC. It bypasses available security protection on your system (if any) and gets installed when you don’t really see its infiltration. In the same manner the rogue doesn’t have any uninstaller, so you can’t actually delete it as other programs available on your PC (legitimate ones).

Another feature of Windows Component Protector is acting like some AV security program. The malware runs imitated scans of your PC and then reports many infections (fake ones). It says that your computer is in a desperate condition and that you must refer to some powerful tool to have the problems fixed. Then this hoax says that it is such a tool, whereas this is surely an outrageous lie. The program is not able to detect or to delete real threats. Buying it as instructed by the malware is a serious mistake made by some users.

Instead of doing as instructed by Windows Component Protector get ready to remove it effectively. Consider this alike removal guide that will guide you during the entire uninstall process and will help you delete this rogue from your system effectively.

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