Why CouponDropDown Ads Come Up On Your Twitter or Facebook

CouponDropDown is an annoying adware that floods your computer screen with pop-up or in text ads. It can get installed to any of Internet browsers therefore if you use more than one, you might have the toolbar in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It‘s not only advertisements that people complain about when having CouponDropDown. After the add-on appears on the browser it also replaces your home page as well as search engine with coupondropdown.com. It might also add websites to your bookmark list. All of the changes are made without a user‘s consent.

CouponDropDown announces that it will change the way you shop online. It promises to show coupons available automatically:

CouponDropDown will change the way you shop online.
Buy one Get one free home accessories
Free standard shipping on all bath and beauty purchases.
40 % OFF EXTRA, includes all items, even already on sale!

Affected computer users complain that advertisements of CouponDropDown start appearing on any page, e.g. Twitter, Youtube or Facebook. As many of those having this toolbar did not install it intentionally, it‘s not much fun having work with computer interrupted by pop-ups. Usually CouponDropDown comes bundled with other software and gets installed because a victim does not opt out a checkbox marked by default. This unfair way of toolbar distribution is used for many other browser hijackers and adware. It is very likely that more than one unwanted program is installed at once.

If you suffer from this toolbar, you can remove CouponDropDown ads using antimalware tools. These should help to identify the problem and uninstall it together with all the files related automatically. Although it is possible to remove adware manually, it is often complicated and time consuming because the toolbar hides itself from deleting in Control Panel.

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