Vista Defender – an Infection that Masks Itself as a Computer Scanner

Vista Defender is another rogue antivirus program that is clearly programmed by the same authors as the rest of the Braviax family malware. Even though it might seem very legitimate and convince many, it is nothing more than a virus. Although a full version of Vista Defender promises to cure your computer from any infections, one should not believe its statements. As many other fake antivirus, it does not have any malware database and is not capable of identifying infections.

Using Trojan horses, Vista Defender infiltrates itself into the system and makes changes crucial for its functioning. First of all it makes sure the existing computer security programs do not detect it as harmful. After that it sets up the processes so that every time an infected computer is turned on, Vista Defender runs automatically. A person having this rogue antivirus will start seeing tons of alerts and warnings that aim to convince you about system damage and many infections. This is the most common method scammers use to trick people money. They put all their effort in trying to scare an infected computer owner that something is very wrong. At the same time they try not to raise any suspiciousness that one is facing a scam. Yet you should always consider several points:

  • Is your computer being scanned by a program you purchased or installed purposely?
  • Are the actions this software performs initiated by you or permission is asked before doing anything?
  • Do you know where this program came from?

If you answered “No” to all of these questions, you are clearly facing a rogue antivirus. Do not pay anything it asks. It only wants your money and your credit card information. All of the messages it shows are not true. Once you determined that your computer is infected with a fake antivirus, remove Vista Defender as soon as you can. Remember that it might be blocking your computer security programs therefore leaving it harmful to even more infections.

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