Vista Antivirus Plus 2013 – Fake Antivirus Infection

Vista Antivirus Plus 2013 is another name for rogue antivirus. This one belongs to FakeRean family and attacks computer having Windows Vista operating system exclusivelly. Otherwise it does not differ that much from other fake antivirus. As soon as it gets inside a computer, Vista Antivirus Plus 2013 starts a system scan. Although it looks like a legitimate program and all it pretends to want is to help identifying infections, do not get deceived by it. The only aim Vista Antivirus Plus 2013 was programmed for is to get your money and it uses well thought of psychological techniques to accomplish its goal.

First of all this fake antivirus is designed to look very professional. As soon as it gets inside your computer, Vista Antivirus Plus 2013 will start searching for viruses. Note, even though all looks like the usual antivirus is doing, there is one difference with this one. You did not install it intentionally nor initiated a system scan. This is a clear sign that you are dealing with a scam.

After a scan is completed, as a rule of thumb for all rogue antiviruses, Vista Antivirus Plus 2013 will show you a list of infections supposedly found. Pop-up allerts like this one will interrupt your work and make you feel worried about your computer‘s condition:

Action Center
Review recent messages and resolve problems
Action Center has detected one or more issues for you to review.
Virus protection (Important)
XP Antivirus Plus 2013 reports that it is turned off
Turn on now
Turn off message about virus protection

With allerts like this one, Vista Antivirus Plus 2013 wants to make you buy a full version of the program and this way take your money away from you. Alas, a full version will not remove any viruses because it does not have virus database. If you already paid for it, try contacting your bank and dispute the charges.

To remove Vista Antivirus Plus 2013 you should use legitimate antimalware programs and removal instructions. Note, it is usually distributed using Trojan horses therefore it is very important to get rid of this fake antivirus as soon as you notice its activity. You should also scan for any other related threads that could have been brought in with it.

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  1. Yes just like Vista Antivirus Plus 2013 there is also one virus hope you know about FBI virus.It is one more dangerous ransomware that blocks targeted computer systems and tries to get money from their users.According to the message of FBI Moneypak, you have to pay a fine of $200.

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