System message – Write Fault Error

System message – Write Fault Error is the notification that can be received by some PC users nowadays. There are chances that this message could be the true one being originated by Windows operating system and implying certain real problems with your computer. In this case it means that something is really wrong with your file system and that certain actions should be undertaken on your part in order to have these issues and errors eliminated (repaired). However, if you receive this message nowadays there are more chances that this one is originated by viruses and fake system defragmenters like Data Recovery and Smart HDD (the latest known malwares of such type). The message actually says the following:

System message – Write Fault Error
A Write command during the test has failed to complete. This may be due to a media or read/write error. The system generates an exception error when using a reference to an invalid system memory address.

System Message Write Fault Error

The options given by this message are to Cancel, to Try Again and to Continue. The peculiarity of this message originated by virus is that before you actually see the virus you would encounter the bunch of such messages (about 20 or so), telling about such supposed problems with various files randomly named. After you click “Cancel” or other buttons suggested very soon the next message would come up. It would state the following:

System Error. Hard disk failure detected
It’s highly recommended to run complete HDD scan to prevent loss of personal files.

The options given are to ‘Scan and repair’ or to ‘Cancel and restart’. Whatever option you choose soon you would see the very program known as fake system defragmenter coming up in front of your screen eventually. By the way, it would not ask your consent or approval for such unauthorized startup at the very beginning of PC use, so this is indeed the proof of the fact that such program rightfully belongs to the category of rogue applications. Therefore, in this case you should completely disregard this message. You need to realize that all the aforesaid fake system optimization and defragmenter programs are simply used in order to trick users into purchasing them. However, all of them are totally useless when it comes to optimization of your system. Thus, the logical action which must be undertaken by you in this case is to completely remove these Trojans using the powerful anti-virus program able to cope with this essential assignment. We hope that this information has been beneficial to you and that you will remove the virus causing ‘System message – Write Fault Error’ fake message to appear. Good luck to you in this important task! By the way, please take your time and carefully watch fake HDD (rogue) removal guide available here – This tutorial is meant to help you get rid of the malwares of this group and to restore your files, folders, icons and desktop, as well as the programs after this virus attack. So, clean your computer and keep it clean from all possible threats making it really vulnerable to further malware infiltrations.

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