System Message – Error Seek

“System message – Error Seek” is a pop-up alert that pretends to inform you about computer damage but the truth is it is caused by System Repair virus. Usually you would see the message right before the main scanners. In some cases it is listed among other fake notifications, most of which are about bad disk sectors and similar problems. Please note, that this message is only a small part of a computer infection. Although most likely it is displayed by System Repair virus, it might also be shown by other sophisticated malware such as System Fix or System File Restore. You may see read the text of the message below:

Complete quotation from System message – Error Seek notification:

System message – Error Seek
The drive cannot locate a specific area or track on the disk. The system cannot find the drive specified. Storage to process this request is not available.



Removal guide:

To stop System Repair causing messages like “System message – Error Seek” popping up you should remove the malware. Although it is possible to remove it manually, the wisest decision is to use special removal tools and instructions. Please note, that if you are not a computer expert, manual removal might cause more harm. Follow a detailed System Repair removal guide.

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