SweetIM Virus – How Damaging Is It?

SweetIM Virus is an adware program that gets installed to all of major Internet browsers such as Google Chrome. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox. Although sweetim.com marketing team assures that they offer a 100% clean product having TrustE certification for trusted download programs, one could fine many complains about the ad-on calling it by various names from unwanted program to even spyware. Probably the most common and obvious accusation towards the virus is redirections to search.sweetim.com and pop-up ads which interrupt a usual work.

Yet there are more issues related to being infected with SweetIM Virus. Not many of us know that when giving your search results on search.sweetim.com this search engine shows paid advertisements among the top ones. It means that you get not exactly what you looked for. Another issue is related to your privacy breach. SweetIM Virus is known to monitor an infected computer user’s Internet browsing behavior. The data is later sent to a remote server for a further analysis. It will be used for targeted advertising campaigns on you.

Once a computer user having SweetIM Virus has made up her mind to remove the toolbar, she faces difficulties. Some complain that they tried to get rid of the toolbar and changes made by it for several days. We recommend using anti-malware programs to remove SweetIM Virus and following removal guides available. After a toolbar is removed, one should be careful when installing any new software. SweetIM Virus just like many other unwanted programs is distributed bundled with other programs. It is strongly recommended to read carefully everything during installation and not to leave checkboxes marked indicating that one agrees upon installing additional software.

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