Smart Protection 2012 malware removal

Smart Protection 2012 implies the malware which is designed specifically to steal funds from users by offering them the totally useless application which renders no assistance at all to those who buy it. Hence, purchasing it is the total waste of your money. Therefore, the primary purpose of this post is to let you know of the fact that Smart Protection 2012 is the virus and then to make sure you don’t buy it, in spite of numerous attempts of Smart Protection 2012 to convince you to do this. Buying such rogue is not just the entire waste of money but also the support of those cyber crooks who developed it, so that they would keep developing their rogue applications in the future without being punished for their evil deeds. Thus, read the rest of the article and stay away from purchasing Smart Protection 2012 or disclosing your private bank information to its fake payment processing platforms. This badware, imitating some decent anti-virus program, is surely the fake one.

When Smart Protection 2012 is successfully installed onto your infected machine it would make certain amendments in such a manner that it will be launched automatically with every Windows startup. So, as soon as the user turns his/her PC on the first thing he/she would encounter would be the GUI of this hoax. Indeed, its interface is quite a nice one, the program looks attractive, but this is just the outward impression of it. If you look deep enough you would discover that inside Smart Protection 2012 is full of malicious intentions. The most important of them is the one to trick you and to scare you with its bountiful error reports. The point is that this virus, after successful launching upon each system reboot, would arrange the fake system scan of your PC with the further reports about all kinds of viruses, threats, problems, errors and bugs with your system. Smart Protection 2012 would tell you that without fixing the aforesaid bugs your PC becomes vulnerable to further virus penetration and that its performance can be essentially weakened. However, this is the pack of lies without any grounds for such assertions. The rogue, however, would offer you to purchase its full version (also known as registered or commercial one) so that you would fix all those bugs. Indeed, Smart Protection 2012 greatly overestimates its capabilities, because it is not able to do any good thing for your system. By the way, all the problems that you are experiencing on your PC (such as slow performance, popups, ads and other fake security notifications and notices, inability to launch the desired programs or to download the programs over the Internet) are caused by Smart Protection 2012. So, if you remove it instead of purchasing you would fix your PC and get rid of the real headache, such as this pest we’re talking about.

Do not therefore listen to any statement originated by Smart Protection 2012. It is just trying to fool you and to trick you into purchasing it. All the facts about viruses and malwares detected on your machine sound unconvincing by Smart Protection 2012, because it is the virus by itself. Hence, you need to get rid of this malady as soon as possible lest it damages your PC even more substantially. Do not buy it but rather remove the malware immediately. Removal instructions to delete Smart Protection 2012 can be found here –

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  1. Do you have any advice on how exactly to remove Smart Protection 2012? I’ve tried running malwarebytes in safe mode, but it isn’t able to recognize and get rid of this program. Thanks so much!

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