Should I Remove Yontoo Layers Client?

Yontoo Layers Client also known as Yontoo is a browser add-on that creates virtual layers on the website you visit and allows you to control it. These change the appearance of the original webpage. It works on any site on the Web. There is more than one Layer application such as PageRage, Buzzdock, DropDownDeals and Sanity Switch. The add-on itself is free of charge. To earn money for its development and maintenance advertisements are displayed for the computer affected. These may include search, banner, inline text or transitional ads which are not related to the website one visits.

If you read Privacy Policy, you will see that such information as your IP address, operating system, unique identifier number, browser information, pages viewed, URLs visited, search queries entered, and other software and hardware information is being collected and might be sent to third parties. Moreover, if you install the add-on to your mobile device, you will have to give access to the following data:

…you will be asked to allow us access to certain information on your device, including your address book, contact data information, SMS messages, SD card contents, and other system tools. If you do not want us to have access to this information, please do not install or use the Software.

If you have this program installed and do not use the features it offers, it is recommended to remove it in order to protect your privacy. You may also want to uninstall it due to the regular advertisements’ display that interrupts your work. You may choose to remove Yontoo and extensions related to it automatically or manually, depending on if you see the application in Control Panel section. Please note that in a case when you do not know how the add-on got into your computer, it is highly recommended to perform a full system scan because some adware is distributed using malicious infections.

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