– an Irritating Hijacker is an irritating hijacker that causes many unwanted changes to your Internet Browser once installed. These are replacement of your homepage, New Tab page and search engine with Whenever you open Internet and try to search for anything you will get redirected to this unwanted page. can also add its promoted websites to your bookmark list. Alas, a computer user having this browser hijacker has no control over the changes made.

The toolbar itself does not add any additional value when having it installed therefore it is not likely that many would get it from the company’s official website. Since generates money from advertisements displayed on the page and it needs to have as much traffic as possible, it is not surprising that unfair toolbar‘s distribution methods are applied. Many victims do not have a clue how they got on their Internet browsers. Most likely they installed some shareware or freeware. came bundled with it. Many adware applications are installed using this trick. Additional programs are marked to be installed by default and if you do not take a checkbox off which many don‘t, you end up with annoying changes that are particularly difficult to get rid of.

Although the toolbar itself is not related to malware, the advertisements it displays might have malicious code in them and cause damage to your computer. Moreover, the toolbar uses cookies and other tracking techniques to monitor and record your Internet browsing behavior. The data collected might be used for many purposes, one of which is to display more advertisements selected according to your likes.

In many cases a manual hijacker removal is very complicated. The toolbar is programmed to hide itself from being deleted because its developers are motivated to have as many users as possible. Moreover, not all of legitimate antivirus programs identify it as malicious. There are only few tools that are capable of detecting and removing completely. It is quite often that more than one unwanted application might be installed therefore you should check if there are no other unknown programs added on the same day as

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