Lavasoft Browser Redirect – How To Remove It?

Lavasoft Browser Redirect is a browser hijack that can change Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or any other browser’s settings. After a toolbar gets installed into a computer it replaces original home page and search page with Once you get redirected to this webpage, you will see that it uses Blekko search engine. The latter is a completely legitimate program. All seems fair if a person chooses to install the toolbar because of its additional features offered. But if a browser extension is installed without a user’s permission and it makes changes that impede work with PC, such a code can be called a browser hijack or redirect.

Lavasoft Browser Redirect is distributed bundled with freeware or shareware. A computer user does not even know about its installation before the hijack starts working. Main complains about Lavasoft Browser Redirect encompass constant redirections to and pop-up advertisements. It becomes almost impossible to make any search or concentrate on your work when Internet is turned on.

If you want to remove Lavasoft Browser Redirect, you should follow the same removal instructions as for Blekko Redirect Virus. If you still cannot restore your original computer settings, you may need to read how to fix your search provider. It is also recommended to remove any other unknown programs installed on the same day as Lavasoft Browser Redirect.

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