FBI Warning Virus

FBI Warning Virus is another version of FBI Moneypak Virus. It is programmed to work under a well thought of scheme for tricking peoples’ money away. The scammers use strong psychological techniques such as completely disabling an infected computer, showing a legitimate looking warning with a governmental institutions’ like Federal Bureau of Investigation logo and even turning on a webcam for a computer user identification. No wonder that more credulous people pay the fine FBI Warning Virus asks for. Others might even call the authorities directly to inquire what the matter is. There is only one answer to this question: your computer has been infected by a virus and it needs to be removed.

Since big money is involved (the amount of fine is several hundred dollars) FBI Warning Virus is being distributed aggressively. One of the ways to get infected is after downloaded malicious shareware or freeware. You may also be attacked by this malware when browsing through websites. These do not necessary have to be of suspicious origin. Websites that you visit every day might also be corrupted and distribute the virus. Usually FBI Warning Virus gets inside a system through various security vulnerabilities.

There is no need to tell that paying the fine a virus demands for will not cure an infected computer. Depending on the version of this scam, there are several methods to remove FBI Warning Virus. To avoid repeated infections it is recommended to have a strong computer security which is updated regularly.

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