Removal of Security Defender virus

Security Defender rogue

Security Defender malware

The people whose workstations somehow got contaminated with Security Defender scam are really frustrated and scared about the fate of their computers. The aim of this post is to tell you the whole truth about this tool so that users would change their thinking and finally come to the conclusion that it is not what it states of itself. The truth is that this is just the next virus concoction which is very pushy in attacking so many PCs all over the world. Unfortunately, some users have already made the decision to buy it. If you have not done it yet then we are proud of you that you have not trusted it. If you have bought Security Defender virus then make sure to immediately refer to your good bank for the purpose of disputing the charges connected with the purchase of Security Defender tool, indicating that the program which you purchased is the virus, rogue and simply the scam device.

Indeed, Security Defender is a scam. Are you wondering why we call it like that? Did you pay attention to the fact that this is the tool which does not ask for you for consent to enter your computer? It does not care whether you want to see it or not each time you turn your computer on. This all is the typical description and peculiarity of a virus and malware tool, such as Security Defender. As soon as it is successfully installed it would initiate the modifications into the registry so that to be launched with every Windows startup. By the way, you will not be able to work with or even to encounter your desktop for some period of time – until it completes its bogus scan each time after system reboot. When its bogus scan is completed finally you may shut down the window of this virus tool or minimize it.

What you need to understand is that you should not trust any information given by Security Defender scam. The system scans as well as the scan results are all fictitious and should be totally disregarded by you. The only reason why Security Defender rogue gives the all is to scare you into buying its so-called registered version. You see, it would tell that your PC is overwhelmed with viruses, problems and bugs, and that the only solution to recover it is Security Defender itself. Still, you would need to give money for its full version, it says. This is just the pack of lies far away from the reality. Do not ever purchase it. Instead, get some other things (there are many wonderful items you could purchase, and surely Security Defender is not in the list). This is the scam aiming to steal your funds. Hence, treat it as a real pest, the unwanted guest and, even more, the enemy for you and for your system. You need to kill this rogue by means of some reputable anti-virus tool. There are many of them, by the way. The choice belongs to you alone. On our part we can tell that this article gives excellent removal instructions to delete this malware –

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