RegClean Pro – How to Remove it?

regclean-proRegClean Pro is a rogue anti-spyware program (a rogue registry cleaner), very similar to RegClean or RegClean 2008. It works as follows: a free trial version of the program is installed to a computer; it imitates a system scan and uses various psychological techniques in order to convince its victims into buying a full version of the program.

After RegClean Pro performs a registry scan, it displays a false and exaggerated report full of registry errors. The only solution to the problem that the messages suggest is purchasing of its full version. There is no need to tell that your computer does not have any issues listed in these warnings except for RegClean Pro itself. Please note that even though it displays Microsoft Gold certificate in its webpage, the application is in no way related to the latter company.

In order to fix your PC you should remove this rogue application as soon as possible. Although rogue anti-spyware removal is typically a difficult task there are legitimate tools and removal guides available that can help to get rid of RegClean Pro.

10 Responses to RegClean Pro – How to Remove it?

  1. To whom it may concern:

    My name is Hema Ghai and I’m the Technical Support Manager at Systweak Software.

    It has come to our notice that your website is showing our software “RegClean Pro” as a rogue anti-spyware.

    Here is the link for your reference:

    Systweak and all its products are “McAfee Secure” and are completely clean of any malware.

    Please remove this false information asap.


    Hema Ghai
    Systweak Software

    • Hello, Hema.
      1. Regclean Pro is distributed with malware, semi -malicious toolbars. In fact, Systweak’s Advanced System Protector detects parts of the original bundle….
      a) Malicious distribution – rogue
      b) Detecting viruses you or your company installed together – rogue tactics
      2. Advanced System Protector is silently installed by Regclean Pro. Installing antivirus without user request is rogue tactics.
      In my eyes Both regclean pro and Advanced System Protector are rogue programs that should be removed from ones PC and not used till they clean up their distribution.

  2. Hello,
    I am using this registry cleaner. I found no issues with it and I feel it’s working fine.
    This is a legitimate product and provides the Uninstall feature.
    So, what is the point in discussing how to remove it?

    • Patrick Copeland
      In our opinion, RegClean Pro is potentially unwanted program (PUP). There are people that do not install the software, or other systweak software (like shown in video) willingly, and in such cases people should remove it and are looking for more information how to do so. Additionally, I would think twice before using software distributed with hijackers.
      I have not seen false possitives in regclean pro though.

  3. Hello,
    Regclean Pro is a genuine Software. It provides the Uninstall Feature , So what is the point in discussing How to Remove It.
    I am using it and have no issues.

    • I’ve uninstalled it using the control panel in Windows 7 and as soon as your reboot the computer it starts back up again.

      • Kevin: In some cases it comes with trojan and you need to scan for them. Also, if you got any other program by Systweak, they might reinstall it.

  4. This regcleanpro was installed to my computer without my consent. I try to uninstall it and it will not. not legitimate. A complete bogus company

  5. Every time I open Internet Explorer I get a message of low space that when clicked a opens RegClean pro ad.

    I’m unable to eliminate it even though I seem to have a lot of disk space available.

    Any thoughts on eliminating this message?

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