Redirection to is a browser hijacker that replaces your default search engine, home page and new tab page with its own. This is done without your consent and cannot be reset via browser settings. The changes are caused by VisualBee or VB Toolbar. The latter might be installed intentionally from its official website or unintentionally when bundled with other software. Subsequently computer users often do not know how the toolbar or the changes to their browser settings happen. might look like any other search engine, offering web, images, news search. It uses a customized Google search tool but the results are not the same as of the latter. Browser hijackers like mix promoted links among search results this way tricking computer users into clicking on those advertised by them. Every click generated means more money for the owners of the search engine. You should be aware that the company does not take any responsibility for the content it displays therefore some of the links promoted might be corrupted or lead to infected websites.

It is recommended to remove from your computer, especially if you did not install it yourself. You should use special antimalware tools capable of deleting this unwanted application automatically. One of such software is Spyhunter that is effective with many browser hijackers and adware applications. For more information please refer to Visualbee removal guide.

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