Privitize VPN – How to Remove It?

privitize_VPN_virusPrivitize VPN is a virtual private network application that was desinged to protect one‘s privacy while browsing the Internet. The program is a legitimate one and free of charge therefore its owners thought of another way to earn money which is displaying of advertisements. Moreover, in order to gain more customers unfair application distribution means are used. For example you might think you downloaded a wanted torrent but you end up having Privitize VPN Virus that not only annoys you with popup ads but also changes your browser’s home page, default search engine and new tab page with its own. As if this is not enough, you will not be able to remove the changes by going to browser settings and resetting the options.

It is recommended to remove Privitize VPN virus if one was installed to your computer. Please note, the search tool it offers does not add any value. Usually there are advertised links mixed among search results this way tricking you into clicking on the link promoted. This technique is used by many adware and browser hijackers in order to generate traffic to particular websites and earn money. Moreover, some of the ads and links that are promoted might be malicious and clicking on them would infect your computer with viruses. You should also know that having Privitize VPN virus might slow your computer down.

If you are a victim of unfair application distribution and never wanted to have one in the first place, visit this website for Privitize VPN virus removal guide. Not all of antivirus tools detect such unwanted applications like this one, not mentioning about their automatic removal. If you decide to use any other tool and removal instructions, check before purchasing it if the software is effective with this type of threat.

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