FBI Paypal Virus – a Dangerous Ransomware

FBI Paypal virus is a computer infection because of which system does not respond to almost any of your commands. After you turn on your PC, you will see only a screen informing that your computer is locked. The message says that it will be unlocked only if one pays the fine. Moreover, the fine is asked to be paid as soon as possible, not later than after 48 hours. Such an urge is not surprising because scammers do not want to leave enough of time for their victim to investigate the situation better and realize the warning is not true.

There are more tricks that cyber criminals use to convince their victims into paying a ransom for unblocking computer from FBI Paypal virus. The message is supposed to be from official police authorities, having logo and the name of the institution in charge. If an infected computer has a webcam installed, it will be turned on and the message will say that video files are used for criminal’s identification. With all of these psychological techniques FBI Paypal virus aims to scare people and many times it succeeds.

Please note, paying the fine will not unblock your computer. The virus will remain in the system and cause even more damage. The only reasonable solution in the current situation is using special antivirus programs and FBI Paypal virus removal instructions for the infection to be eliminated as soon as possible. There are many versions of ransomware like the latter one. In order not to get caught on scammers’ hook always remember that none of official authorities use prepaid payment system like Paypal for collecting money. They also never use such means like remotely blocking one’s computer for fighting the crime.

Optimizer Pro Must be Removed without Delaying

Optimizer Pro is a fake antivirus program that states it will protect your computer from various infections. Alas it is nothing more than a scam that wants to steal your money. Optimizer Pro gets inside a computer with a help of Trojans or after visiting corrupted websites. It is impossible not to see that your computer is infected with this malicious program but one can mix it with a legitimate antivirus.

As soon as Optimizer Pro starts operating it imitates system scan. As a rule of thumb for many other rogue antiviruses, it will find tons of infections on your computer. Please note, all of the alerts displayed are not true. Your computer will start working slower than usual but not because of the threats Optimizer Pro lists as found on your system. The reason of all the strange signs of your PC is this fake antivirus.

Do not buy a full version of it no matter how convincing the messages look. A complete version of Optimizer Pro does not have any virus database and cannot remove anything. Moreover, your credit card information will get into hands of cyber criminals. Use only legitimate antimalware tools for Optimizer Pro removal. Do not postpone eliminating this infection as having it leaves your computer unprotected from other malware because Optimizer Pro is known to block existing computer security.

“Ads not by this site” – an Annoying Adware

ads-not-by-this-site“Ads not by this site” is an adware that causes various advertisements to be displayed whenever you browse the Internet. It might even alter the layout of websites, such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any other that you visit. The types of ads can be pop-ups, boxes, coupons, deals and many more. You can suspect your computer is infected with “Ads not by this site” when you see them displayed on sites that usually do not have any, for example Wikipedia. You may see a tiny text “Ads not by this site” just below the advertisement.

Not many or probably none of computer users want to have these ads to be displayed yet removal of the files causing pop-ups is not that easy. Most likely you will not see the program “Ads not by this site” listen in Control Panel Add and Remove Programs list. If you are not that computer savvy and do not know enough to delete files in Registry, use legitimate antimalware tools effective in adware removal. For detailed “Ads not by this site” deleting instructions and the tools refer here.

In order to avoid similar infections in the future always select custom installation when adding any programs to your computer. Read carefully installation wizard and remove the check boxes for any additional applications and toolbars. When downloading program updates get them ONLY from official websites.

Free Antivirus 3.3. Rogue – a Fake Antivirus that Must be Removed

securebit_technologiesFree Antivirus 3.3. rogue is a fake antivirus program that imitates your computer scan for viruses. It gets installed to a victim’s PC using social engineering tactics. It means that a computer user downloads it manually thinking it is some update or a useful application. Once in the system, the rogue starts “searching” for viruses and, of course, finds them. Free Antivirus 3.3. rogue makes you think your computer is terribly damaged and has many infections. The program can also lock your screen and ask for a fee to remove the locking message.

Free Antivirus 3.3. rogue warnings are usually displayed as pop-up messages that appear just above the task bar:

Free Antivirus
Infected files have been detected on your PC.
359 Infected files found.
It is recommended to run a full system scan and clean your PC.
For Support Call 1-800-862-2015 (Toll Free US/Canada)

None of the messages displayed by Free Antivirus 3.3. rogue are true. The only aim of showing them is to make you think you need to repair your computer by buying a full version of the program. This is the way how scammers trick money out of their victims. Remember, none of legitimate antivirus programs scan a computer without initiating the process by a computer user. As many fake antivirus programs, the latter one might block your computer security software and this way leave it unprotected from possible virus attacks. You should remove Free Antivirus 3.3. rogue as soon as you see it on your computer. Use only reliable removal tools and instructions given in legitimate websites.

Why Qvo6 Virus is Dangerous to Your Computer


Qvo6 Virus is an unwanted application that causes redirections to the websites it promotes. You may find it listed as a browser hijacker because after installing the extension your home page, default search engine and new tab page are no longer those that you set up. If you go to Internet Options and try to make your search engine google.com or Yahoo! or any other that you always used, after opening a browser you will see that none of the changes you made were saved. Browser hijackers like Qvo6 Virus are programmed to keep redirecting any inquiries to the sites they advertise.

Even though the toolbar causing redirections is not malicious itself and does not harm your computer directly, it is recommended to remove any files related to it as soon as possible. The longer you have Qvo6 Virus redirections, the higher chances are that your computer will be attached by viruses. Search results that this search engine displays are mixed with advertised links. Some of them migh be corrupted or lead to malicious websites. Qvo6 Virus developers do not take any responsibility for the content displayed. Once you click on such a link (accidently or intentionally) your computer mgiht get attacked by a virus or Trojan.

Please note that a simple uninstall of the application from Control Panel is not enough because browser hijackers like Qvo6 Virus are programmed to be difficult to remove. You should use special removal tools and try a manual deleting only if you know enough about computers not to get rid of important system files. For more information about Qvo6 Virus and its removal instructions refer here

The Cheshire Police Authority Virus

The_Cheshire_Police_Authority_VirusThe Cheshire Police Authority virus is another ransomware that blocks an infected computer and pretends to be sent by official authorities – Cheshire Police. To make the blocking message look more convincing it displays an infected computer’s IP address and even turns on a webcam if one is installed. The message next to the cam window informs that all video information will be used for criminal’s identification. Although the warning alert text might be a bit different depending on the version of the virus, it would include information about breach of laws related to illegal usage of copyrighted content, sending spam and distribution of pornographic material. For the fake charges to be removed and a computer unblocked cyber criminals ask for a ransom of 100 £:

United Kingdom Police
Metropolitan Police – PCEU
Cheshire Police Authority
ATTENTION! Your PC is blocked due tout least one of the reasons specified below.

You have been violating. Copyright and Related Rights Law. (Video, Music, Software) and illegally using or distributing copyrighted content, thus infringing Article 128 of the Criminal Code of Great Britain.
The amount of fine is £100. You can pay a fine Ukash or PaySafeCard.
When you pay the fine, your PC will get unlocked in Ito 72 hours after the money is put into the State’s account. Since your PC is unlocked, you will be given 7 days to correct all violations. In case all violations are not corrected after 7 working days, your PC will be blocked again, and a criminal case will be initiated against you automatically under one or more articles specified above.

Do not believe this message and do not pay anything. It will not unblock your computer. The only reliable solution to the problem is using legitimate antivirus software and special The Cheshire Police Authority virus removal instructions. If you want to increase your computer protection in the future, always have your security programs updated, make sure your system files are up to date and follow safe Internet browsing tips.

Beware of XP Security Cleaner Pro


XP Security Cleaner Pro is a fake antivirus program that was developed for Windows XP operating system. As many other rogue antivirus, once injected into PC it starts scanning it Of course this is not a true scan searching for viruses but only an imitation of one. As a rule of thumb, it finds tons of infections and threats which are listed in popup warnings, similar to these ones:

XP Security Cleaner Pro ALERT System integrity threat! Warning! Sensitive data may be sent over your Internet connection right now! Details Attack from port: 20928 Attacked port: 35268 Threat: Trojan-Proxy.Win32.Agent.x Do you want to block this attack?

XP Security Cleaner Pro Firewall Alert

XP Security Cleaner Pro has blocked a program from accessing the Internet. Internet Explorer is infected with Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen Private data can be stolen by third parties, including credit card details and passwords.
Tracking software found!
Your PC activity is being monitored. Possible spyware infection. Your data security may be compromised. Sensitive data can be stolen. Prevent damage now by completing a security scan.

XP Security Cleaner Pro Alert
System hacked!
Unknown programs is scanning your system registry right now! Identity theft detected!

XP Security Cleaner Pro Alert
Internet Connection alert!
Suspicious network activity detected!
Malware infection is possible!

If you click on the warning from XP Security Cleaner Pro, you will be asked to purchase a full version of the program. This is the aim of cyber criminals – to make you spend your

money on a worthless purchase. There is no need to tell that a full version of this rogue antivirus is not capable of detecting or removing any viruses. It does not even have a virus database. If you already paid the money, contact your credit card company as soon as possible and dispute the charges. You should also take means of precaution in

order for your credit card number not to be misused by criminals.

Once XP Security Cleaner Pro infects computer, it blocks existing security tools and disables the Task Manager. The rogue belongs to fake antivirus programs’ family called Braviax. Every one of them is designed for a particular operating system and even though they work very similar, they have different names, for example, PCs having Windows Vista would be infected with Vista Security Cleaner Pro, those having Windows 7 – with Win 7 Security Cleaner Pro.

XP Security Cleaner Pro is distributed using fake online security scanners and drive-by downloads. To avoid similar infections in the future, use legitimate antimalware and anti-spyware programs and always make sure your security tools are up to date. For a virus to be completely removed from your computer, follow its removal guide.

System Care Antivirus is Not a Legitimate Program

System Care Antivirus is a fake antivirus that displays warning messages informing about computer damage. Please note, there are legitimate programs under a very similar name and the alerts that they display are true. Cyber criminals choose names and design for their scam very similar to the legitimate tools on purpose. They aim to confuse their victims and convince them into spending money. Yet there are several ways of how to identify a fake antivirus like System Care Antivirus:

  1. If a computer scan is started without you giving the command and the name of the program displaying the results is not the same as the one you have as antivirus installed to your computer, it might be you are facing a rogue.
  2. Read the text of the warnings that are displayed. If it asks you to purchase a full version of the program for the threat to be removed, this might be another sign of rogue infection. For example, System Care Antivirus may display such an alert:

    Application cannot be executed. The file regedit.exe is infected.
    Please activate your antivirus software.

  3. The last but not least important sign of an infection is related to its removal. You will not be able to simply uninstall System Care Antivirus just like any other rogue program.

There is no need to tell that it is very important to get rid of this scareware as soon as you detect it. System Care Antivirus might block your existing computer security software which leaves it unprotected and may cause more serious infections. Do not pay anything that the program asks. It will not only solve your problem but also give your credit card details to the criminals. For a secure System Care Antivirus removal follow the guide available.

Having your computer system not updated increases a risk of getting infected. The exploits target outdated PC software, for example Flash players or Java that allow hackers to install any program on vulnerable PC. Another danger to get infected is by installing a virus yourself. A tactics called social engineering is widely used by cyber criminals. For example, you might get convinced to download a new version of Acrobat Reader but instead of it you install a malware. When getting any updates, always make sure you get them from official websites and not some ads. These couple of tips should help to better protect your PC.

22Apple – a Browser Hijacker that is Better to be Removed

22Apple22Apple is one of unwanted applications that are responsible for changing an infected computer‘s home page, default search engine and new tab page to the one they promote. In this particular case, if your computer is infected, you will see redirections to 22Apple.com. The latter website is a customized search tool. Although you may use it and get search results, these will not be the same as those you see using google.com or any other well known search page. Companies like the one owning 22Apple.com earn money from advertisements. Promoted websites are usually displayed among the first page search results. An unaware user would click on such an advertised link and earn money for the company.

There are several reasons why 22Apple should be removed from an infected computer even though it is not a virus and does not cause a direct harm to the system. First of all, search results are not fair and do not deliver the service you want to have. Second, browser hijackers like 22Apple tend to use cookies and other tracking technologies for monitoring of computer user’s online behavior which breaches your privacy. Third, the information gathered is used for marketing purposes, e.g. for displaying of targeted advertisements. Pop-up ads would not only hinder your work but also alter the web pages you visit. The last reason is that having 22Apple increases getting your computer infected with viruses and Trojans. You might accidently click on a link or an ad that is malicious or lead to a corrupted web page which would result in computer infection.

Once you are already convinced that 22Apple must be removed, especially if you did not install it purposely, you should know that simply changing your home page and default search engine in browser settings will not do any good. Browser hijackers like 22Apple are programmed to be difficult to remove. You will need to strictly follow this unwanted application removal instructions. It is always recommended to scan your computer for any viruses that might have gotten inside while having browser hijacker installed.

Privitize VPN – How to Remove It?

privitize_VPN_virusPrivitize VPN is a virtual private network application that was desinged to protect one‘s privacy while browsing the Internet. The program is a legitimate one and free of charge therefore its owners thought of another way to earn money which is displaying of advertisements. Moreover, in order to gain more customers unfair application distribution means are used. For example you might think you downloaded a wanted torrent but you end up having Privitize VPN Virus that not only annoys you with popup ads but also changes your browser’s home page, default search engine and new tab page with its own. As if this is not enough, you will not be able to remove the changes by going to browser settings and resetting the options.

It is recommended to remove Privitize VPN virus if one was installed to your computer. Please note, the search tool it offers does not add any value. Usually there are advertised links mixed among search results this way tricking you into clicking on the link promoted. This technique is used by many adware and browser hijackers in order to generate traffic to particular websites and earn money. Moreover, some of the ads and links that are promoted might be malicious and clicking on them would infect your computer with viruses. You should also know that having Privitize VPN virus might slow your computer down.

If you are a victim of unfair application distribution and never wanted to have one in the first place, visit this website for Privitize VPN virus removal guide. Not all of antivirus tools detect such unwanted applications like this one, not mentioning about their automatic removal. If you decide to use any other tool and removal instructions, check before purchasing it if the software is effective with this type of threat.