Optimizer Pro Must be Removed without Delaying

Optimizer Pro is a fake antivirus program that states it will protect your computer from various infections. Alas it is nothing more than a scam that wants to steal your money. Optimizer Pro gets inside a computer with a help of Trojans or after visiting corrupted websites. It is impossible not to see that your computer is infected with this malicious program but one can mix it with a legitimate antivirus.

As soon as Optimizer Pro starts operating it imitates system scan. As a rule of thumb for many other rogue antiviruses, it will find tons of infections on your computer. Please note, all of the alerts displayed are not true. Your computer will start working slower than usual but not because of the threats Optimizer Pro lists as found on your system. The reason of all the strange signs of your PC is this fake antivirus.

Do not buy a full version of it no matter how convincing the messages look. A complete version of Optimizer Pro does not have any virus database and cannot remove anything. Moreover, your credit card information will get into hands of cyber criminals. Use only legitimate antimalware tools for Optimizer Pro removal. Do not postpone eliminating this infection as having it leaves your computer unprotected from other malware because Optimizer Pro is known to block existing computer security.

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