Mixi.DJ Toolbar – an Application that is Difficult yet Possible to Remove

mixi_dj_toolbarMixi.DJ Toolbar is a desktop and browser application that can be added to all of the most popular Internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. It is supposed to help you to create, share and follow after all your friends Playlists. After Mixi.DJ Toolbar is added to your computer, you will see that Facebook, Youtube and some other web pages have changed their layout. Moreover, you start seeing lots of op-up and in-text advertisements. It might be that other toolbars, for example Babylon, will be installed together with this application which would mean that your Home page, default Search engine and New Tab page will be changed to the ones promoted by the company.

Although you can download Mixi.DJ Toolbar from company’s official website usually it comes bundled with freeware or shareware. Subsequently many victims having this unwanted application do not know how it got here. The scheme used by toolbar’s distributors is as follows: a computer user chooses to install free software, for example Active ISO burner, and selects automatic installation option. As a rule of thumb, she does not read any installation instructions, therefore agrees upon adding other applications without knowing about it. All of this is legal, Mixi.DJ Toolbar is listed to be added by default but one has an option not to agree with it. Alas not many take the checkbox off.

Please note, although this adware is not a virus itself, it might help to infect your computer by displaying malicious ads or lead to corrupted websites. One should not hesitate and remove Mixi.DJ Toolbar as soon as she can. To save your nerves and time, you should know that uninstalling the program from Control Panel Add and Remove Programs list is not enough. Uninstalling and reinstalling Internet browser will not solve the problem as well. Please note, only some antivirus tools have the feature of detecting and deleting adware and browser hijackers like the latter. In order to remove Mixi.DJ Toolbar you should follow its removal instructions and use special antivirus programs. It is strongly recommended to use an automatic removal option if more than one unwanted application had been added.

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