MapsGalaxy Should Be Removed without Hesitation

MapsGalaxy is a browser hijacker that redirects all of search inquiries to Toolbar‘s developers Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. use it to get more traffic to the site they promote. It all works according to a scheme widely used among adware developers. Even though the add-on is free of charge, the company earns money from other revenues.

First of all a toolbar needs to be installed to as many computer users as possible. One can download it from an official site due to the functionality it offers, such as quick access to map search; check of the traffic info; easy access to yellow pages, facebook and other tools. The truth is, this browser extension does not add that much of a value therefore it is much more likely that other methods of its distribution will be applied. One of the most common ones is bundling MapsGalaxy together with other freeware or shareware. Once a computer user installs this software automatically, she does not pay attention to the fact that other applications will be added by default. This is why many say they do not know how MapsGalaxy got into their computer.

Once the toolbar is added to Internet browser, it changes home page and search engine to its own. This is done without a user’s agreement. Moreover, you will not be able to reset your previous search page even if you change Internet settings. Companies like Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. use various tricks to keep as many searchers as possible. They do not include complete uninstall wizards together with the toolbars developed therefore even after removing the toolbar itself, unwanted changes stay.

One would say the search page does not differ that much from other search engines. If it is so complicated to undo the changes, she might rather use the new search tool. This is exactly what toolbar’s developers hope for. When you make a search inquiry, you get your needed results mixed with advertisements. The latter ones are not marked any different. When you click on such an advertised site, toolbar’s developers get paid for it. Moreover, your Internet browsing behavior is monitored and recorded and the data is used for more advertisements to be shown to you.

There is no doubt MapsGalaxy toolbar should be removed. Alas, not all of antivirus programs can identify it as malicious. Some tools do not remove all of the files related to this unwanted application. Use only those tools that are known to be effective in removing MapsGalaxy adware. Check if there was no other unfamiliar applications installed on the same day.

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