Internet Defender virus. How to delete

Internet Defender virus

Internet Defender virus

Internet Defender is the recent scam and rogue tool which has the only intention of obtaining as much money from potential victims as possible. So, if you ever encounter this virus in front of your desktop do not be deceived with its nice-looking design. It is just the outward impression, but if we dig deep enough into this hoax we will see that it was developed by the team of cyber crooks with the worst of intentions – to trick, to scare and to fool users.

Notwithstanding the aforesaid, the scareware tries to create the impression of some superb anti-virus tool. It would arrange its fake system scan and would then report plenty of infections and viruses available on your computer. Be not deceived by all such fake reports. They have nothing to do with the actual condition of your machine. The only reason why this program presents all such fake scan reports is to scare you into purchasing its full license code. It promises that by obtaining this code you would be able to fix all PC problems and get rid of all the available viruses. This is, of course, the promise that can never be fulfilled by Internet Defender, because it is the virus by itself. Can the virus program remove other virus programs? No, not at all. The same is true for viruses. Virus programs cannot delete other virus tools, since they are all intertwined. In addition, you would be constantly annoyed with fake popup messages originated by the rogue. It even might be that Internet Defender virus would block your browser or some decent applications from running. All of such alerts, fake scans and fake scan reports have the only goal – to make you pay for its full version. However, keep in mind that by doing so you will simply lose your money. This badware is not able to remove real viruses when they get inside of your system. Once again, this is all because it is the virus in its very essence. That’s why, you should not tolerate Internet Defender scam on your system but rather remove it using some decent anti-virus application. Please follow this guide for successful removal of Internet Defender virus from your workstation.

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