ILivid – a Browser Hijacker Responsible for Redirections to

IlividILivid is a browser hijacker that causes redirections to or other websites being promoted. Usually a computer user does not know how and why her home page, default search engine and new tab page are changed to those unfamiliar to her. Moreover, if she tries to reset the preferences via browser settings, these do not stay active. It is not surprising that many think their computer got infected with a virus.

Yet you should know that iLivid is not a virus and does not cause a direct harm to your computer. This is one of the main reasons why many antivirus tools do not pick it up and once you scan your system, do not show any threats. Besides being very annoying due to constant redirections iLivid also causes pop-up ads to be displayed. It also uses various tracking technologies, for example, cookies for monitoring your online behavior, such as what websites you visit, how long you stay there, what keywords you enter, etc. All of this information is sent to a remote server and might be used for various purposes, most often for targeted advertising. Please note that this data might also be sold to third parties.

It is recommended to remove iLivid not only because it is an irritating application but also due to the fact that it increases a risk of your computer getting infected with viruses via malicious links and advertisements. As mentioned above, not all of antivirus tools can detect this type of threat. For more information and removal tips please refer to iLivid removal guide here.

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