How Win 7 Defender Steals Peoples’ Money

Win 7 Defender is a well thought of scheme for swindling naïve computer users’ money for useless purchase. It is designed to look legitimate with a well thought of graphic user interface and special functions that should motivate a computer user to buy a full version of the program. Those who had never seen such type of rogue can get tricked quite easily. Cyber criminals work hard to make you believe your computer is seriously damaged and needs urgent help.

This is how Win 7 Defender works. As soon as this fake antivirus gets inside a computer, it makes certain changes to your system which enables it to be launched whenever a computer is turned on. You will see that your computer is being scanned by some antivirus program. The name of it – Win 7 Defender – sounds legitimate and might even seem familiar but this only one of the tricks the program uses for creating a feeling that you should trust it. After a scan is completed, you will see notices and alerts similar to this one:

Action Center
Review recent messages and resolve problems
Action Center has detected one or more issues for you to review.
Virus protection (Important)
Win 7 Defender 2013 reports that it is turned off
Turn on now
Turn off message about virus protection

No wonder that an infected computer user gets worried seeing warnings informing that computer is badly damaged, especially if these keep reappearing. Buying a full version of Win 7 Defender might seem a wise and easy solution to the problem. All one needs to do is to click on the link, enter credit card details and the problems will be fixed. This is exactly what cyber criminals hope you will do.

No need to tell, this will not eliminate the infection. First of all the alerts displayed are fake, the scan process is only an imitation, moreover a full version of the program is useless because it does not have any database and cannot detect or remove any viruses. One should trust only in reputable Win 7 Defender removal tools. Also note that there are more fake antivirus versions and they all share the same features. None of legitimate programs start a computer scan without asking for a computer user’s permission.

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