How to uninstall Antivirus Protection 2012 fake AV

Antivirus Protection has the “glory” of a very malicious and annoying virus that must be dealt with immediately. The developers of the hoax surely know how to trick and to scare users. They do this by arranging all kinds of bogus system scans and subsequent fictitious scan reports which would tell about many infections, viruses and malwares available at your workstation. But the truth is that this is not the true information. You are just being deceived by Antivirus Protection rogue and by its developers.

Don’t forget that the only aim of Antivirus Protection is to make money by means of tricking and fooling users. The penetration of Antivirus Protection takes place by means of Trojans or other malicious codes that might be downloaded by you. In addition, it may take place after you click certain malicious links or download some files from unsecure resources. Whatever the case might be, you’ve got to be very careful with what sites you decide to visit and what kinds of files you choose to download.

After successful penetration and further installation inside of your computer Antivirus Protection would appear in front of y our desktop with each system startup. Immediately the above-mentioned fake system scan would be initiated by the malware, following by the same misleading report about the presence of thousands of malwares supposedly detected on your machine. Remember that you should not trust them, because they are only used in order to push you into purchasing the full version of R Antivirus Protection which, according to its promises, can deal with all of the supposedly detected viruses. However, Antivirus Protection is not able to deal with real threats. By the way, it is quite possible that Antivirus Protection is the only infection available on your machine. So, it is a must to remove it. It is up to you what option you choose for this purpose – automatic or manual one. Just make sure to entirely get rid of this malware from your computer. Please find the removal instructions to delete this virus here –

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