How to Remove Yandex Toolbar?

yandexYandex toolbar (or Yandex Elements browser extension) is an add-on that offers such additional features as seeing the latest weather forecast, monitor traffic information; receive social network and new message notifications. It has been developed by a Russian search engine by the same name. All of the functionality this toolbar offers sounds great, alas many computer users complain that they never asked for this add-on and it appeared on their Internet browser out of nowhere. Moreover, they no longer can use their favorite search engine because home page and default search page have been changed to Russian (.ru).

If you did not install Yandex toolbar and do not know how it got on your Internet browser menu, it might be you got it bundled with other software. It is a legal way of distributing applications although not a very fair one. Once a computer user chooses to install some application automatically, she might not notice that additional programs come with it and are marked to be added by default. After the installation is completed, such a computer ends up with changes that cause many inconveniences.

If you wish to remove Yandex toolbar, you may do it from Control Panel Add and Remove Programs list. Yet some computer users state that this toolbar is not listed there nor in the Tools>Addons>Extensions. If you have trouble eliminating the toolbar and all the changes it caused manually, you may wish to use an automatic removal tool. Spyhunter is known to eliminate Yandex toolbar related changes automatically. Moreover, if more unwanted applications or adware were installed, it will detect them and offer to remove as well. Many other antimalware tools do not detect adware or if detect it, they can remove related files only partially.

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