How to remove Windows Foolproof Protector rogue

Another example of fake anti-viruses today has the new name – Windows Foolproof Protector. It appeared about several hours ago, but it has already infected quite many computers around the globe. Surely, users must be aware of this scam, but, regretfully, some have already mistakenly effected the payment for this malicious application.

The rogue may be the cause of the problems listed below:

  • Disabling Task Manager to terminate rogue’s malicious process.
  • Blocking startups of legitimate security applications and their downloads.
  • Causing possible browser redirect problems.
  • Reporting fake security threats.
  • Prompting users into paying for the licensed version (so-termed ultimate protection).

The virus simply tries to imitate the traits of some legit security tool. This is why it runs many fake scans on your computer and later on reports various fake infections. The sole purpose (mission) of this malware is to eventually convince users into buying its powerless and helpless license code (so-called ultimate protection) as the alleged remedy for prevention of all those bogus threats identified on your PC. You should realize once and for all that the program is a hoax and its intentions are the same – simply to make you as its victim and to top up the number of those users that were deceived by it.

Removal of Windows Foolproof Protector is possible with many legitimate and decent security programs. In the majority of the cases it is preferable that you first reload your system into safe mode with networking. Then you may consider this guide that will help you uninstall this malicious program.

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